Google has been scrambling to find enough laptops for new employees as staff works from home

Google has been scrambling to give its workforce the equipment it needs to work from home, slowing the company’s ability to bring new hires aboard.

Google recently told employees that hardware including computers, laptops and phones are in limited supply and that it has canceled all laptop upgrades that were in progress, according to internal documents shared with CNBC. A spokesperson said that equipment provisioning for new hires is now back on track, but acknowledged that the process of onboarding new employees has been slower since the company asked everyone to work from home starting in March.

The equipment complications show another wrinkle that large companies must manage as they transition their employees to working from home. Executives at Google and its parent company, Alphabet, have shifted its 300,000-person workforce to a remote working environment amid the Covid-19 pandemic, closing offices even as the company continued hiring and onboarding new employees. Last month, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said in an internal memo that the company had added 4,000 new employees so far this year, but the company has slowed its hiring plans since the beginning of the year.