Google isn’t even trying to not be creepy: ‘Continuous Match Mode’ in Assistant will listen to everything until it’s disabled

Google has introduced “continuous match mode” for apps on its voice-powered Assistant platform, where it will listen to everything without pausing. At the same time it has debuted related developer tools, new features, and the ability to display web content on its Smart Display hardware using the AMP component framework.

The Chocolate Factory has big plans for its voice assistant. “We consider voice to be the biggest paradigm shift around us,” said director of product Baris Gultekin, speaking at the Voice Global summit, where the new features were introduced.

The goal is “ambient computing”, where you can interact with the big G anywhere at any time, so pervasively that you do not notice it. Voice interaction is a key part of this since it extends the ability to perform searches or run applications to scenarios where tapping a keyboard or touching a display are not possible. […]