Google Meet video chats will be available directly in Docs

Google Meet video chats should now be more useful if you need to get work done, or just don’t want them monopolizing your screen. Google is rolling multiple Workspace updates that include offering Meet video chats directly in Docs, Sheets and Slides. You can start a virtual meeting and carry it over to the document you’re working on to help you collaborate without flipping between tabs. You can also present that content if it’s ready to go. This should be available in the “coming weeks,” Google said.

You will have the freedom to switch tabs if you want, though. Google is also introducing much-needed picture-in-picture support (at middle) to Meet sometime in April. You’ll need to use Chrome, but the feature will let you see up to four video tiles in a separate window while you jump between other tabs and apps. This will be helpful if you need to show different tabs during a presentation, but let’s be honest — it will also help you keep a video chat running when you can’t (or don’t want to) devote your full attention.