Google will give every employee $1,000 to WFH. Its wellness manager explains why

How Google is using emerging AI techniques to improve language translation quality

Most of Google’s US workforce has been working remotely since March due to the coronavirus.And last month, CEO Sundar Pichai said he expects most employees will largely be working from home for the rest of the year.

As the wellness and resilience lead at Google, it’s Lauren Whitt’s job to make sure Google employees remain healthy and have access to mental health and wellness resources during these uncertain times.

There are 10 members of the global well-being and mental health teams, who work with all of Google’s employees across the globe.

To help with the shift to working from home, the company has offered virtual training and classes. And it has shifted some of it’s notorious perks online. Google also recently offered all employees a $1,000 allowance to spend on equipment to help outfit their home workspaces. […]

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