GoTo makes virtual collaboration even easier through new integration with Miro

GoTo, the company making IT management, support, and business communication easy with flagship products GoTo Resolve, GoTo Connect, and Rescue, today announced a new Miro integration. Miro, an online platform accelerating innovation through visual collaboration, is now available for meetings & training sessions in the GoTo application, making real-time collaboration simple for a virtual or hybrid workforce. Miro is available for GoTo Connect, GoTo Meeting, and GoTo Training customers.

There are an estimated 70+ million U.S. workers who can do their job remotely, with about 75% of remote-capable workers projected to be hybrid or fully remote in the long term, according to a report from Gallup. This integration comes as businesses continue to navigate demand for hybrid and remote operations.

“At GoTo, what matters to us most is meeting the needs of our customers,” says Damon Covey, Head of Product at GoTo. “As hybrid and remote work remain a staple in our workforce, we need to ensure that effective collaboration can occur with the same ease as in the office, regardless of where employees choose to get work done. With our new Miro integration, GoTo enables businesses to maintain a high level of productivity through visual whiteboard collaboration from anywhere.”