Hackers can exploit Zoom users by noticing shoulder movements, report says

Hackers can find out what a Zoom user is typing in private chats during a video call by noticing minor shoulder movements.

The movement of the shoulders and arms could reveal what the fingers typed, making the user vulnerable to cyberattacks, researchers at the University of Texas stated in a study titled ‘Zoom on the Keystrokes: Exploiting Video Calls for Keystroke Inference Attacks’.

Video-conferencing platform Zoom gained popularity during lockdown periods, as consumers started working and studying from home. Zoom said in April it had more than 200 million daily users.

The team of researchers was able to understand the texts typed by a user with 75% accuracy, by observing how their shoulders and arms moved during the video call. They also examined several settings including different webcams, video resolutions, keyboards, clothing, and backgrounds.  […]