How a home theater can be useful working from home

People became resourceful during the pandemic and made the most of the space they had during the lockdown. In some cases, home theaters served double duty—not only with projectors mounted to ceilings—but large-screen TVs connected to computers to provide a dual-screen experience for work.

“Nowadays, with TVs being just as good and fantastic quality with 4K and lower prices, it absolutely becomes a part of your entertainment but it can also be part of your education or your engagement, all sorts of things,” said Namita Dhallan, chief product officer at video tech provider Brightcove.

It’s much easier to connect a computer to a smart TV to be used as a monitor or extend a screen whether on a PC or Mac, Dhallan said.

With many organizations now letting employees work in a hybrid model, Dhallan said people should rethink how they are using home theaters and large TVs beyond watching movies.