Video Interview – No Jitter Interviews RR re: Logitech-Plantronics Fake-Out

No Jitter’s Michelle Burbick interviews Recon Research’s Ira Weinstein about Logitech’s almost acquisition of Plantronics.

On November 8, 2018, Reuters reported that Plantronics was exploring options that included a potential sale of the company. This was just four short months after Plantronics acquired Polycom for ~ US $2 Billion.  On November 23, Reuters reported (a rumor) that Logitech was in discussions to acquire Platronics.  Two days later, the news broke that Logitech ended discussions.

This seven-minute video, available FREE to registered users on our site, provides our view of the real story behind this almost-deal.  Why did this deal make sense?  And why did it fail?  And perhaps most importantly, will it resurrect itself?

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