Introducing nanoMeet, where ultra low-latency streaming meets custom video conferencing

nanocosmos has revealed the latest offering in its low-latency lineup: nanoMeet. nanoMeet is a browser-based video-conferencing and collaboration platform, which integrates with nanoStream Cloud for seamless interactive live streaming – ideal for businesses and anyone looking to address large numbers of people.

nanoMeet enables enterprises to create branded video meeting rooms as well as host and broadcast them right on their own sites, all increasing engagement with audiences. In addition to virtual meetings, nanoMeet enables live streaming through its nanoStream Cloud integration, enabling interaction with thousands of participants. On the flip side, nanoMeet can be used for a “watch party” where members of a video conference can communally watch an incoming stream. nanoMeet is an ideal solution for a new breed of ‘hybrid’ events – a blending of real life and online, which is a trend emerging from the pandemic, blending the desire to meet in person with the flexibility and inclusiveness of sharing online content to a wider audience.

Access to meetings couldn’t be simpler – participants are invited with secure, time-sensitive tokens which offer a direct link to the event. This is ideal for large audience interaction and minimises access issues.