Itec offers South African businesses free video conferencing

Itec offers South African businesses free video conferencing

Managed business solutions provider Itec in partnership with StarLeaf is making remote working free via the StarLeaf application to help South African businesses keep working in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s clear that technology and cloud software tools can play a major role in keeping South African companies, their employees and their customers connected and working as close to business as usual as possible in the face of the Coronavirus,” says Itec’s product strategy lead, Renaldo Muregess.

“There’s been a huge scramble from local businesses for solutions to help them stay connected as concerns over the Coronavirus spread. We’ve seen the use of online collaboration tools going through the roof as growing numbers of businesses send their people home to work remotely and cut back on face-to-face meetings, but some of the better-known solutions have been battling to stay stable.”

StarLeaf’s latest new features include the ability to integrate easily with Microsoft Teams and many other video conferencing platforms. […]

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