Jabra and UMA Deliver Integrated Meeting Room Technology Solutions to Transform the Workplace

Jabra and UMA have partnered to deliver innovative video conferencing and meeting room solutions, enabling Jabra devices to be managed seamlessly from one place on the UMA dashboard with real-time analytics. With Jabra PanaCast intelligent video conferencing cameras, users can manage meeting room occupancy levels and control room occupancy levels from a desktop, smartphone or meeting room display panel to optimise the use of office space.

The Jabra PanaCast and PanaCast 50’s unique 180-degree field-of-view covers the whole room and generates anonymous room occupancy data. This feeds real-time information into the UMA dashboard, providing insights and analytics. UMA automatically makes a meeting room available to book in the event of a no-show. Rooms can also be auto-booked by simply walking in.

With the shift towards hybrid-working, companies are reviewing their technology investments and office space-utilisation. UMA enables users to manage meeting-room and desk utilisation and device management of audio-visual devices, all from a single pane of glass. Organisations are now able to optimise their facilities and technology infrastructure to create an efficient and safe workplace, compliant with Covid Winter-Plan guidelines.