Jan De Witte resigns as CEO

Barco Continues Quest for LCD Renewal

As CEO, Jan De Witte has played a crucial role in the turnaround of Barco since 2016. He has brought focus to the company, strengthened the leadership team, streamlined the portfolio towards a solutions strategy, strengthened the digital capabilities, and further internationalised and activated the company with a more performing and resilient culture. He also steered the company through the difficult Covid-19 period.

To replace Jan De Witte, the Board of Directors has appointed Charles Beauduin and An Steegen as co-CEOs. They will start respectively on 1 September and 1 October. With his years of experience as a business leader at Van de Wiele NV and with her years of experience as a technology and innovation leader at IBM, imec and Umicore, and with their backgrounds as members of the Board of Directors of Barco, Charles and An form a perfect tandem to lead Barco in the coming years. With this choice, Barco is more than ever committed to innovation, growth and entrepreneurship. Moreover, the focus remains on the further internationalisation of the company in view of worldwide commercial and technological leadership in the various markets.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors has appointed Frank Donck, independent director at Barco since April 2015, as Chairman of the Board of Directors with effect as from 1 September.