Kaleyra Acquires Bandyer

Kaleyra, Inc. (NYSE American: KLR) (KLR.WS), the global group providing mobile communication services to large enterprises, today announced it has acquired Bandyer for an undisclosed amount. Bandyer offers cloud-based audio/video communications services to financial institutions, retail companies, utilities, industries, insurance, human resources and digital healthcare organizations.

Bandyer has been serving customers with Audio/Video APIs and SDKs based on WebRTC technology for a variety of use cases including group video calls and webinars. Bandyer’s two competitive differentiators are that users do not need to download any software and that the whole user experience can be branded and customized to a user’s specifications.

Bandyer’s solution is extremely suitable for different industries and completely compatible with any device, expanding and complementing Kaleyra’s offering. Most importantly, Bandyer’s collaboration suite incorporates the latest technologies such as AR and AI, providing an innovative customer experience, driven by the latest trends in the video communication scenario.