Kaltura and Verbit Expand Partnership to Increase Access to Video Captioning

Verbit, the world’s leading transcription and captioning company, today announced that it has expanded its partnership with Kaltura (NASDAQ:KLTR), the Video Experience Cloud. With Verbit, Kaltura’s customers in the education and corporate industries enjoy advanced, accurate captions and searchable video capabilities, which bring Kaltura’s video and audio experiences to new heights.

COVID-19 prompted a quick and massive shift to virtual events, online learning and remote work, dramatically increasing the need for professional digital transcription and captioning solutions that improve comprehension, while also meeting accessibility needs and regulations. This shift will continue to fuel growing industry and consumer expectations that all video and audio content be accessible and actionable.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic has moved our in-person lectures to virtual ones, accurate transcriptions and captions have never been of greater importance,” said Mark Nichols, Senior Director of Universal Design and Accessible Technologies at Virginia Tech, which utilizes Kaltura for its remote classes. “Even when the pandemic is behind us, accurate captions will remain vital, ensuring that all lectures are accessible, inclusive and engaging for students.”

Through this partnership, Kaltura is offering Verbit’s functionalities, such as Adaptive Automatic Speech Recognition, to Kaltura customers.