Kaltura Expands Virtual Events Platform

Kaltura (Nasdaq: KLTR), the Video Experience Cloud, today announced the release of powerful new capabilities to Kaltura Events, empowering organizations of all sizes to automate event management for all of their internal company and external marketing events. Event organizers can now use Kaltura Events to create, manage, track and scale fully branded virtual and hybrid event experiences of any size and any kind, all in a single platform. Used by leading brands to power major events, creating uniquely branded experiences, Kaltura Events now offers a new approach to branded event automation, leveraging event templates that enable customers to power and measure all of their events at scale.

Kaltura Events comes out of the box with popular brandable event templates. Customers can also work with Kaltura to set up their own unique event templates that they can clone and reuse. Using the templates, event organizers can easily support all of their events – including webinars, town halls, internal kickoffs, customer and partner conferences, and regional and global flagship events, all using Kaltura’s tested and trusted event and video technology.

“Due to the pandemic, the world of events has changed forever as marketers and event organizers have discovered the benefits of digital event experiences. Companies are now looking to the future and are developing annual hybrid and unified event strategies,” said Renan Gutman, EVP Product at Kaltura. “With Kaltura Events, we’ve taken our enterprise-grade event technology and made it scalable and adaptable so that organizations can create and manage all of their event experiences. By automating critical processes within the event management lifecycle, organizers can relax, knowing that they can host a flawless event every time.”