Kandao Meeting S 180° Video Conferencing Camera Wins the CES 2022 Innovation Awards

On 11th November, winners of the CES Innovation Awards 2022 were officially announced. Kandao Meeting S, a 180° Ultra-wide Angle intelligent video conferencing camera, wins the CES Innovation Awards 2022. This time with more than 1,800 innovative works hitting the stage, it is the most significant number ever.

Kandao Meeting S is an all-in-one intelligent video conferencing camera that features a 180° ultra-wide image via the 195° lens. The product is launched with the prospect of delivering an all-around satisfactory remote meeting – clear vision, surrounding sounds, and intelligent control.

Our revolutionary AI 3.0 algorithm enables Kandao Meeting S to precisely locate and track the speaking person, and multiple modes and functions are pre-set to fit different scenarios. With the help of these hands-free features, you can set aside your controller and just focus on the meeting.

A Full-duplex audio system with an eight-microphone array and Hi-Fi speaker is equipped to produce a fascinating astounding sound. Thanks to the premium audio acquisition technique, it achieves a five-meter pickup range, you’ll be transformed into an ever enjoyable experience that would redefine your understanding of remote working.