Katai Announces BlueJay – A Next Generation Intelligent 360° Camera System

BOSTON, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Katai announced today the availability of its next generation, high resolution 360° video camera named BlueJay. BlueJay features a number of industry firsts such as: a 48 Mega Pixel advanced sensor, a very wide and automatically adjustable field of view (up to 360°) with a single point of focus, built-in edge analytics and processing.

The system also provides full connectivity support including USB C, ethernet (and power over ethernet), WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE support.

The BlueJay is based on Katai’s highly patented technology. Katai’s unique approach allows for a much higher resolution image – often 4-6x that of conventional/traditional fisheye systems. With its high resolution, widest field of view, and on-camera processing, the BlueJay is the most advanced optical IOT device in the market today.