Konftel partners up with Barco ClickShare Conference for certified wireless meeting solutions

Konftel and Barco have a shared mission to create simple and flexible room solutions for video conferencing, enabling restriction-free use of familiar apps and cloud services. With our concept, which we call BYOM or Bring Your Own Meeting, the person leading the meeting can take their own laptop into the meeting room and connect to a camera, audio and display via a single USB cable.

In the combined solution using Konftel’s products and ClickShare Conference, the connection between the laptop and conference cam, speakerphone and display is fully wireless.

“We know from experience what strong demand there is for reliable wireless products and I am impressed by the simplicity of the powerful ClickShare Conference solutions. By joining forces with Barco, we are delivering clear added value for Konftel’s customers and sales channels,” says Stefan Eriksson, CMO at Konftel.