Lifesize Announces Enterprise-Grade End-to-End Encryption for All

In response to COVID-19, video conferencing adoption has grown exponentially as organizations have sought cloud-based communication tools to facilitate remote work and collaboration between distributed teams, putting renewed focus on the security policies and features of cloud video conferencing providers.

Upon release of Lifesize E2EE, meeting hosts on all Lifesize subscription and free plans will be able to end-to-end encrypt their audio and video streams with a key that is securely shared among meeting participants.

Media will be encrypted from each participant, stay encrypted while in transit and on Lifesize servers, and will only be able to be decrypted on clients that have the key. Lifesize will also provide customers the option to manage their own encryption keys.

When E2EE is applied, meeting recordings, PSTN call participants and support for third-party conference room devices will be automatically disabled. […]

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