Livestorm Launches New End-to-End Video Conferencing Platform That Optimizes Audience Engagement to Combat Screen Fatigue

Livestorm launched today the first Video Engagement Platform (VEP), designed to help event organizers optimize audience engagement for their online meetings or virtual events.

With the major shift to online events beginning in 2020, businesses began looking for new, powerful, easy-to-use event platforms. As screen fatigue eventually set in, they struggled to maintain high engagement with attendees during online events, including internal and external meetings, webinars and virtual events.

Fast-growing Livestorm grew its business by 8x in 2020 due to its focus on event promotion features and audience engagement, and is on pace to at least double its customer base again in 2021.

Today, Livestorm took an important step towards becoming the best video conferencing platform for audience engagement by releasing a new Plugins SDK that enables customers to build their own plugins, such as custom backgrounds, linked shopping carts, emojis, quizzes, chats and social feeds for an event room, similar to a Chrome Extension. In the coming months, Livestorm will open a marketplace of these Plugins, some developed by Livestorm and others by customers or third-party developers.