Love Microsoft Teams? Love Linux? Then you won’t love this

Love Microsoft Teams? Love Linux? Then you won't love this

Recon Research (RR) says: “OK – so Microsoft is not giving the Linux world much love here.  Personally, I’m a big fan of Linux – in the right context.  I don’t use it on my desktop or notebook, but servers … that’s another story.  According to NetMarketShare, less than 2% of the 250M PCs sold each year are actually running Linux.  Others say the % of desktops actually running Linux is even lower.  So, is this a big deal?  Not really.  Not by the numbers.  But then again — I’m not a true member of the Linux cult …”

Microsoft loves Linux. Unless you are a Linux user who happens to want to use Teams. In that case, you probably aren’t feeling the love quite so much.

Users of that other collaboration platform, Slack, have enjoyed a Linux client for some time. Teams users, on the other hand, have had to make do with a browser experience that is often less than ideal. Hence the fifth most requested Teams feature in Microsoft’s UserVoice forum is a Linux client.