MAXHUB Debuts the UC M40 360-Degree All-In-One Camera

MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and interactive class delivery solutions, is pleased to introduce the UC M40 360-Degree All-In-One Camera. Designed for huddle to small-sized meeting spaces, the UC M40 tracks every face and follows every word when placed in the center of the table—making this a highly functional meeting tool that is small enough to be carried in one hand.

The UC M40 integrates four 4k cameras to create a 360-degree camera, speakers, and voice-tracking microphones into a design as portable as it is stylish. Equally impressive, the camera requires no external devices or time-consuming setup efforts. The result is impressive performance and intuitive operation. With its sleek, robust design, the new MAXHUB UC M40 combines 4-lens precision with intelligent speaker tracking for a true 360-degree immersive meeting experience.

The UC M40 offers a rich feature set that makes operation easy. With its 360-degree panoramic wide-angle view, each person at the table appears front and center on screen. And with its 5MP 4-lens camera, the UC M40 captures every meeting participant’s face clearly and without any unflattering distortion. Further, the UC M40’s one-tap mode switching and LED voice location indicator transforms even the most challenging spaces into productive meeting places.