Microsoft Skype To Be Updated With New Themes, Grid View And Other Features

Out of all the other features, the call stage in Skype will be refreshed. The grid that displays user details during video calls is said to include everyone on a call through an update. It would not matter whether the users have enabled their video or not. It might imply that a passive thumbnail might take the place of a video feed when it is disabled. The update will put all the participants in a video call in the form of virtual tiles.

Microsoft is also planning to add new layouts and themes to the interface. It would offer users the customization they need and which has been missing from the video calling application for a long time. Other apps like Google Duo and Apple Facetime are much more user-friendly when compared to Skype, and that is why Microsoft is adding new features to it. Moving ahead, users will have the option to choose from grid view, speaker view, large gallery, content view and a together view.

Skype, the popular video calling application is launching new features to make the app better. In future, users will get to see an improved, reliable and faster performance. The company says that it has closely analysed user’s feedback and will implement changes in the next few months. Following the updates, Skype will be refreshed and modernised. Keep reading to know more about the changes coming to Skype.