Microsoft Teams For Mac Might Be About To Get A Lot Faster

Microsoft has confirmed that it’s working to boost the performance of its Microsoft Teams client for Apple MacBooks after users complained that the app was “unusable”.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shift to mass remote working, Microsoft Teams has enjoyed substantial growth over the past 12 months and the service now boasts over 115,000 million daily active users.

However, MacBook users have long complained about Microsoft Teams’ performance – particularly on macOS. Over on the Microsoft Teams forum, users have moaned that the Teams desktop client is always using a significant amount of CPU and is almost “unusable” in some cases.

“I can’t use teams with out it lagging severely,” one user said, as reported by Windows Latest. “When I go and look at the processes running, It always looks like the ‘helper’ is taking up crazy amounts of CPU and it lags out the application to the point of it almost being unusable. I’ve tried closing the application, rebooting, re-installing, checking for updates, etc, nothing works.”