Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature — and Zoom should be worried

Sitting through endless Zoom meetings can drain the life out of you. Sure, there are some occasionally fun backgrounds to stare at, but it’s mostly a cumbersome set of screens switching back and forth. But Microsoft Teams is getting ready to a new view to your work-at-home experience.

Among the features coming to Teams is a new way to keep meeting attendees focused described in a Microsoft post as “Dynamic View.” The feature is meant to let you see meeting participants and presentation content side-by side, while also being able to customize how that information appears on your screen.

With Dynamic View, you get a customizable view of how you want to see content being shared. You’ll be able to pin participants you want to keep track of on-screen instead of having to search for them in a sidebar. You should also be able to better see when a new speaker has begun participating as well as when someone has “raised their hand” during a meeting.