Miro challenges enterprises to think differently about hybrid work, unveils new tools for the next-gen tech stack at Miro Next

Miro, the online platform accelerating innovation through visual collaboration, today hosted Miro Next and unveiled a variety of new features and integrations designed to help organizations unlock new ways of collaborating and innovating, pushing beyond the boundaries of a typical digital whiteboard.

Hybrid work — traditionally defined as people working in distributed offices and from home — is breeding a divided workforce where teams operate in silos, isolated physically and mentally from each other’s work processes. Companies need to build skills, shift culture, and invest in the right software stack to enable a new model of work that empowers people to make the most out of the valuable time they are together and gives people the flexibility to continue collaborating while apart.

“At Miro, we think we need a different model of working altogether, one that responds to the needs for greater connectedness in a complex, hybrid world,” said Varun Parmar, Miro’s Chief Product Officer. “We think you need one place where you can talk to your colleagues, one place where you store things like notes or ideas, track the work you’ve done, and access all your work apps.”