Miro moves beyond the online whiteboard to help teams make the most of powerful visual collaboration software

Miro,® the online platform accelerating innovation through visual collaboration, today announced the launch of several new features and a suite of integrations designed to advance the visual collaboration experience for its 45M users. Specifically, the company introduced its latest capabilities as part of a digital hub that accelerates team productivity by consolidating the most popular tools into one team workspace. With the latest releases unveiled during Distributed ’22, every team member has the ability to access, share, and contextualize the content that’s vital to their project – with live content time-consuming efforts like app switching is eliminated.

Distributed ’22, Miro’s fourth annual user conference, was designed to help organizations “make space for human.” Most teams, regardless of location or size, have become dependent on their digital tool stack to get things done, but different teams often use different tools, so knowledge sharing becomes a complicated, tedious task. What’s more, the tools teams most frequently use don’t always work together and rarely do they contextualize the information that’s most important, making it more complicated for teams across different locations and time zones to get work done.

“With the shift to new, modern working models, projects and work are now based in the digital world. And while much can be said for the power of technology, the sprawl of applications companies are experiencing is actually getting in the way of the work. Enterprises use, on average, 288 different SaaS apps across their business. This often leads to multiple challenges, from siloed knowledge environments to making it very difficult – if not impossible – to stay up to date on the data and content that is most accurate and valuable. The ability to aggregate and share relevant and actionable insights with your team is critical – not only to working effectively and efficiently but to driving outcomes quickly,” said Varun Parmar, Miro’s Chief Product Officer.