Miro Now in Webex Meetings

We’re excited to announce a significant addition to our Miro embedded app available directly within Webex. Starting today, all Webex users can bring Miro into their real-time Webex Meetings and go from conversation to powerful, visual collaboration within one platform. Every Webex user can open a Miro whiteboard from Webex and share it with the rest of the meeting participants, no sign-in required. This makes meetings even more productive, inclusive, and fun.

In combination with our existing Miro for Webex Messaging integration, this addition to our Miro for Webex experience helps teams work with Miro in real time and on their own across the entire Webex Suite. From before, to during, and after the meeting, teams have the space and freedom to create and collaborate anytime.

“We are committed to creating an interoperable ecosystem that allows users to seamlessly access their collaboration solutions within the Webex platform, enabling the flexibility today’s workforce needs and demands,” said Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM EVP & GM, Security and Collaboration Business, Cisco. “Miro’s integration with Webex Meetings offers users a truly dynamic and valuable platform for creative brainstorming and alignment and we are honored to continue expanding our partnership with Miro.”

Hollis’s background is in understanding collaborative systems (and their failings) from healthcare to the corporate workplace. She thinks about how to design for effective, efficient communication and collaboration in work teams.