Miro Recognizes 50 Million Minds on their Way to the Next Big Thing

Miro®, the online workspace for innovation, is celebrating a landmark moment as it surpasses 50 million users worldwide.

Miro enables a new way of working that allows distributed teams of any size to create the next big thing. From Agile practitioners to brand managers, and app developers to product innovation leaders, Miro is helping teams collaborate to solve critical problems and accelerate innovation across their organizations.

“Today is about recognizing 50 million minds on their way to creating the next big thing with Miro,” said Andrey Khusid, CEO and co-founder of Miro. “Our success is driven by what our users envision and achieve on our platform. With Miro, users deliver valuable products and services for their organizations faster through easy and intuitive engagement across teams. Our community is at the center of everything we do. From contributing ready-to-use templates which can be used by anyone, to developing public apps on top of our platform, Miro continues to get bigger and better each day with our users’ contributions.”

Some of the world’s most innovative brands rely on Miro as a critical part of their collaboration and innovation stack to solve a range of mission-critical challenges, for example:

  • Lake Flato runs workshops in Miro that help collaboratively plan more sustainable, inclusive spaces.
  • DocuSign’s research and design teams use Miro to align teams on complex projects such as building AI capabilities into modern contract management.
  • Dropbox rolled out their Virtual First Toolkit through an interactive Miro board to integrate all their employees into their new ways of working.