Mitel Expands Range of Phones Built with Plastics Protected with BioCote Antimicrobials to Include DECT Handsets

Mitel®, a global leader in business communications, today announced an expanded range of Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) handsets built with plastics protected with BioCote® antimicrobial technology and designed to deliver the functionality and ruggedness required in industries like hospitals, hospitality, manufacturing, and other tough working environments. Mitel is a leader in the design and manufacture of DECT solutions, and the company’s decades of expertise helps to ensure high quality and reliability standards for the 600dt series handsets.

Mitel’s new 612dt, 622dt and 632dt DECT handsets now feature an innovative refreshed keypad design, a signature Mitel phone matte grey and glossy finish, and plastics with surfaces that are protected with a silver-based treatment from BioCote Limited, a market leader in antimicrobial treatments. When tested against certain viruses and bacteria, BioCote® silver ion additives, which are introduced during the phone manufacturing process, have been shown to inhibit the growth of certain viruses and bacteria on phone surfaces by up to 99.9%.* The protection is highly durable and is expected to last the lifetime of the device under standard operating conditions.

“We are focusing our product innovation to best address customer needs across a number of different industries – from healthcare to retail to hospitality,” said Al Hurren, executive vice president of engineering and operations at Mitel. “As part of this strategy, Mitel launched our IP business phones featuring plastics protected with antimicrobial technology last year and are now expanding our device portfolio using antimicrobial plastics to include mobile DECT handsets for use in very high-touch environments.”