Monitoring and remote support of Microsoft Teams Room Systems through new and innovative Cyviz software

The Cyviz Easy Agent technology enables any enterprise and organization to finally gain control of their Microsoft Teams Room Systems. Through innovative technology, the Cyviz Easy Agent offers centralized monitoring and real-time remote support. The new software is built on the proven Cyviz Easy Software, a standardized, configurable and upgradeable platform for control and management of collaboration and meeting rooms.

As many organizations standardize on Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings, they experience challenges in their traditional meeting rooms. The lack of interoperability with legacy video conferencing will prompt many to upgrade their rooms with Microsoft’s Team Room Systems (MTRs). MTRs are PC-based solutions that introduce a multitude of challenges tied to implementation, management and support. To address these challenges, Cyviz has developed a software agent to be installed on Microsoft Windows-based MTR devices. Once installed, the agent will monitor the health status of the MTRs and allow for secure real-time access to the MTR touch panel and OS environment. The Cyviz Easy Platform is designed for enterprise-level security requirements and uses Microsoft Active Directory or Office 365 for authentication.

“Our customers experienced difficulties when implementing MTRs across multiple locations with different hardware combinations. They wanted to regain control of those rooms, similar to what they had on their existing Cyviz Solutions. From a Cyviz perspective, we already had an excellent management platform, and adding support for MTRs made perfect sense”, explains Eirik Simonsen, CTO at Cyviz.