Mural names David Baga as new CEO

Mural, the leading collaborative intelligence company, announced David Baga as its new CEO, succeeding co-founder Mariano Battan. Battan will support Baga in his new role as executive chairman of the board.

Baga brings more than 20 yearsʼ of growth and operational expertise to Mural. He was previously CEO at Even, a B2B2C financial benefits platform recently acquired by Walmart. He also served as COO at Lightspeed Venture Partners and chief business officer at Lyft. Baga led Lyft’s B2B strategy, growing the business to 25 percent of the company’s revenue.

“We founded Mural to make teamwork possible from anywhere. Eleven years later, thousands of teams and millions of members have learned how they work together makes all the difference. With Mural, you do more than make teamwork possible; you make it extraordinary,” shared Battan. “David believes in this mission and brings deep operating expertise to our team. I am confident and excited as he takes the lead at Mural.”

“Every team, every leader, and every company is thinking about how to improve the way they work together to drive better results, but they’re stuck focusing on where work happens. Mural’s customers know what matters most isn’t where but how teams work together,” shared Baga. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to join Mural at a time when it’s solving one of the biggest challenges in the global workforce.”