MURAL’s New Integration Brings Visual Collaboration to Microsoft Teams

New MURAL Free Plan Offers Guided Visual Collaboration to Teams Everywhere

MURAL, a leading provider of digital workspaces for guided visual collaboration in the enterprise, is expanding its collaboration with Microsoft and announcing the new MURAL® App for Microsoft Teams. Building upon the existing integration, the MURAL App for Microsoft Teams gives users the ability to bring a shared digital canvas directly into any channel, chat, meeting invite, or live video meeting where all attendees can collaborate visually using digital sticky notes, images, drawings, diagrams, and more. When working in Teams, the MURAL integration adds a new visual dimension to collaboration that increases team creativity, engagement, and alignment, regardless of whether they are working in-person, remotely, or both.

“MURAL provides a comprehensive and compelling system for collaboration with Microsoft Teams that works from anywhere. Now, teams can brainstorm, plan, and visualize ideas together using the MURAL app from within Teams. This combination leads to bigger ideas being shared and harder problems solved,” says Richard Borenstein, SVP of strategic partnerships at MURAL.

The MURAL App for Microsoft Teams integrates all of MURAL’s visual thinking canvas and Facilitation Superpowers™ features directly within the Teams environment. It also provides access to hundreds of easy-to-use templates. Using MURAL within the Teams app, those in product, consulting, leadership, innovation, technology, sales and customer success, among others, can collaborate visually, facilitating playful and engaging teamwork using guided visual methods. With MURAL integrated throughout the Teams experience, users of both apps can more easily share ideas, build understanding, and create solutions to challenging problems, all seamlessly from within existing workflows.