Navori Labs joins GPA’s Global Partner Program

GPA, the world’s largest AV integrator, is pleased to announce that Navori Labs has joined the GPA Global Partner Program.

Offering a complete suite of digital signage capabilities for any application, hardware type, and hosting model, Navori is at the forefront of the market in terms of digital signage offerings. Navori’s Aquaji AI driven computer vision analytics engine is an example of this, offering the foundation for its platform to shift from simply being a content delivery tool, into an intelligent and adaptive, outcome driven, content management ecosystem.

“This partnership is built upon more than technology, but a more than 10 year personal working relationship and trust developed with the Navori Labs executive team” notes Byron Tarry, CEO of the GPA.  “Navori has had a progressive, forward thinking, and innovative perspective that has always impressed me, and I am only too happy to see us enter into a more formal partnership structure in order to take advantage of that – for the benefit of each of our organizations, and ultimately for our customers.”