Neat Levels the Playing Field for Hybrid Teams by Bringing Everyone in the Meeting Room Front and Center

Neat, the pioneering video company, today introduced Neat Center, a companion device to Neat’s award-winning portfolio of video devices that gives remote meeting attendees a better-than-ever view and audio experience of those in the room. Neat Center works in tandem with Neat’s front-of-the-room video devices to frame people in the meeting room regardless of where they’re seated or looking, so they can be clearly seen and heard at all times. It brings remote participants to the front and center of the meeting room conversation for complete meeting equity.

As hybrid work continues to evolve, an ever-increasing amount of people are returning to the office to collaborate and see their colleagues. But they’re not always there simultaneously. The meeting equity that existed when all or most meeting participants were remote is lost when the people in the meeting room naturally turn towards each other, and the gravity of the conversation shifts to the center of the table. As a result, remote attendees can’t always see or hear everyone and feel disengaged from the conversation.

Neat Center further restores the balance between remote and in-room participants by extending the power of Neat video devices and Neat’s pioneering and patented Neat Symmetry, perfectly framing those in the room regardless of where they’re seated or looking. It elevates the sense of everyone being in the room together. For example, when those in the room turn away from the front-of-the-room device to talk among themselves, Neat Center gives remote attendees clear and unobtrusive audiovisuals, helping them maintain conversational context and pick up on nonverbal cues.