New Cisco Solutions Elevate Resiliency and Security for Critical Legislative and Judicial Operations

Cisco Partner Summit Digital — The pandemic has shown that technology is key not only to keeping us securely connected and productive but also to keep essential functions of civic life and democracy moving during disruptions. During the Covid-19 pandemic, local and national government institutions are responding and adapting by pivoting to deliver services and continue the business of governing, remotely. To support governmental organizations with these business resiliency efforts, Cisco is announcing solutions to enable justice systems and legislative bodies worldwide to continue their critical functions.

The new solutions combine the power of Cisco technology, including Cisco Webex video conferencing, with expertise and innovation from Cisco Customer Experience (CX) and the Cisco partner ecosystem. To speed access to these tools, Cisco’s Public Funding Office has increased capacity to help customers and partners navigate funding sources and accelerate projects that help them serve their communities through the pandemic.

These new solutions bring secure delivery of virtual government services across multiple platforms of previously disparate technology to provide greater efficiencies, reduce cost associated with travel, while keeping the public safer. Prior to Covid-19, many governing bodies were legally required to meet in-person, and the shift to remote has been a new experience for many. Now, according to a new Cisco survey, over 50% of government workers expect to work remotely eight or more days per month. Governing bodies worldwide need to deliver seamless collaboration for their fully remote and hybrid legislative bodies, enabling them to convene safely and securely – while adhering to procedures steeped in law and tradition. […]