New ClearOne CONVERGENCE Cloud AV Manager Creates New Revenue Generating Opportunity for Partners

ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO) today announced the full-market availability of its new CONVERGENCETM Cloud AV Manager, which empowers integrators and enterprise-level users to remotely manage unlimited ClearOne systems across multiple rooms, multiple buildings and even across continents.

According to ClearOne Chair & CEO Zee Hakimoglu, the new service has completed a successful beta testing period and is now immediately available to provide integrators with a simple way to remotely access and manage clients’ systems — and the added benefit of offering them an opportunity to build a new revenue stream.

“As the custom installation market increasingly promotes cloud-based communications and system maintenance, ClearOne is committed to providing our valued partners with powerful tools to reduce maintenance costs while providing faster and better customer service,” Hakimoglu said. “With CONVERGENCE Cloud AV Manager, it’s easier than ever to set up new ClearOne installations, fewer physical site visits are needed for long-term maintenance and our AV and IT partners gain a new selling point for their clients who expect immediate troubleshooting and top-notch service.”