New Extron LinkLicense and TLCA 1 Adapter Transform your Touchpanel into an All-In-One Control System

Extron is pleased to introduce Extron LinkLicense for TouchLink Control and the TLCA 1 TouchLink Control Adapter. These powerful Pro Series control options will transform your wall mount, tabletop, and Cable Cubby TouchLink Pro touchpanels into powerful, all-in-one control systems. They will add flexibility and power to our latest TouchLink Pro touchpanels, including the TLP Pro 525 Series, TLP Pro 725 Series, TLP Pro 1025 Series and TLP Pro 300M.

“Integrated touchpanel control systems have many advantages, including simpler system designs and streamlined system deployment,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Extron. “Customers looking for a standalone touchpanel control system can simply add LinkLicense for TouchLink Control to unleash the power of Ethernet device control. At that point, if they have the need to add port expansion capabilities, the TLCA 1 is the perfect choice.”  […]