Nextiva raises $200M from Goldman Sachs to accelerate and improve connected communications

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Nextiva, a Scottsdale-based connected communications company, has announced a $200 million raise from Goldman Sachs at a $2.7 billion valuation. This is the company’s first external funding round.

The investment follows a year of growth for Nextiva, which reports $250 million in ARR. Additionally, the company boasts continued product development and market leadership. According to a statement from Nextiva, it’s the largest privately held business communications provider in the U.S. Other companies in this space include RingCentral, Vonage and Zoom, among others.

The company will use the money to innovate connected communications, a major need as more companies move to hybrid or remote models. It also looks forward to global expansion. In addition to the company’s Scottsdale headquarters, the company currently has offices in Kyiv and Guadalajara.

Nextiva’s cloud-based platform NextOS is designed to improve productivity and engagement between sales, service and marketing teams. NextOS connects business applications, AI and automation to manage all communications, both between customers and teams, in one place. The platform works with a variety of applications, from those built for customer sales and service to analytics.