Nuuday Infuses AI Into Customer Experience With the Avaya OneCloud Experience Platform

Nuuday, Denmark’s largest provider of broadband, communication and entertainment services, has launched “Josefine,” an AI-powered voicebot capable of delivering dynamic, immediate and personalized experiences for customers interacting through its Avaya (NYSE: AVYA) OneCloud communications and collaboration platform.

The assistant, composed with Avaya OneCloud™ CCaaS and Google Cloud™ Contact Center AI,represents a leap towards what Nuuday calls the ‘Cognitive Customer Universe’, an AI-driven ecosystem that can optimize customer service and experience based on customers’ ongoing interactions with Nuuday.

Josefine is improving the Nuuday customer experience by effortlessly automating the resolution of simple customer queries and binary questions quickly, while freeing up resources for more demanding customer enquiries.

In the future, Nuuday intends to make the voicebot available 24-7 across a range of customer touchpoints, and also use insights derived from its interactions to provide customer service agents with in-the-moment access to relevant knowledge on customers.