NWN Carousel Finalizes Company Integration, Launches New Cloud Communications and Infrastructure Offerings Tailored for the Future of Hybrid Work

NWN Carousel, the leading integrated cloud communications service provider, today announced completing the integration of Carousel Industries four months after the acquisition announcement. The company is launching new and updated offerings that leverage its unique intellectual property and combined 60 years of experience servicing millions of users across 7,000 leading organizations across North America as cloud communications continues to grow as a top business priority for companies grappling with the future of hybrid and remote work.

According to Gartner, nearly one-third of workers are hybrid or remote, up 188 percent from 2019. The firm forecasts that more than half of the U.S. workforce will be remote next year. This puts organizations in the unenviable position of building communications systems and platforms to support employees working from everywhere with the same communications experience that they would have in a traditional office environment. When NWN Carousel’s customers were recently surveyed about new remote and hybrid ways of working, 89 percent of respondents reported no loss of productivity when working remotely by leveraging the company’s integrated offerings portfolio.

“When NWN acquired Carousel in May, we believed we were on the precipice of an enormous sea-change in the workplace and that it uniquely positioned us with the experience, solutions and infrastructure to address our clients’ biggest communication needs,” Jim Sullivan, CEO, NWN Carousel, said. “The pandemic put many organizations in a challenging situation: an overnight shift from traditional offices to cloud-connected, distributed work environments. Today, in only four months, we deliver on the promise of merging the two companies by offering the industry’s most complete mix of secure and effective cloud communications solutions to transform enterprises for the modern work-from-anywhere world.”