Oblong Announces New Patents for Remote Work to Enhance Current and Planned Multi-share Collaboration Offerings

Oblong, Inc. (NYSE American: OBLG) (“Oblong” or the “Company”), an award-winning leader in multi-stream collaboration solutions, announced today over the course of 2020 amidst the global pandemic it has been granted seven patents that further define its leadership in multi-share collaboration offerings.

Oblong’s Mezzanine™ technology platform enables team members to work together in-person and remotely in a unique multi-share environment.

“As businesses return to the workplace and develop new modes of hybrid collaboration, we expect the need for multi-share to increase significantly,” says Peter Holst, Oblong’s Chief Executive Officer. “Oblong defines multi-share as a mode of collaboration where distributed users simultaneously share, view, and work with multiple streams of content. Oblong’s Mezzanine™ is the leader in this space, with award-winning, technologically advanced offerings, and these patents further our leadership and define the pathway forward to improve upon and extend beyond the traditional conference room setting.”

Oblong’s updated patent portfolio further solidifies its stake in technologies, methods, and designs for remote collaboration. This strategic investment is aligned with an accelerated demand for next generation multi-share collaboration solutions in the pandemic and post-pandemic workplace. These include inventive approaches to high fidelity, synchronous software communication, user interface, and interaction, allowing the Company to build, maintain, and improve its products faster and more efficiently than its competitors. […]