ON24 Appoints Alex Saleh to Lead the Company’s Revenue Operations Organization, Laying Foundation for Accelerated Growth

SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ON24, the technology leader helping businesses innovate their marketing through interactive, data-rich digital experiences, today announced that Alex Saleh will lead its newly formed Revenue Operations organization, bringing sales, marketing and customer-success operations under a full-funnel strategy.

Since joining ON24 in 2018, Saleh has built an industry-leading sales development and field enablement machine resulting in unprecedented impact to the business. Now, in his new role as Chief Operations Officer, Saleh will strengthen the company’s operational backbone and scale data-driven insights across the enterprise, maximizing front-end pipeline, streamlining back-end efficiency and optimizing the customer experience to supercharge revenue growth.

“At ON24, our mission is to help our customers build data-rich digital experiences that drive real-time revenue. Making that vision a reality starts with our own strategy,” says Sharat Sharan, CEO and Founder, ON24. “We’re thrilled to have Alex take the helm of this critical function to unify every touchpoint across the buyer’s journey and help take our business to the next level.”

An accomplished SaaS executive, Saleh has a proven track record of operationalizing and enabling sales success. Over the past twenty years, Saleh has played a key role in guiding several organizations through important milestones, including the acquisition of Successfactors by SAP. […]

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