ON24 Digital Experiences Help Zendesk Increase Pipeline and Bookings

Zendesk, a trusted and beloved CRM customer service software company and the champion of great customer service everywhere for everyone, is delivering ON24 (NYSE: ONTF) digital experiences that are having a direct impact on the company’s pipeline and revenue. With the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, Zendesk is generating qualified sales leads and increasing pipeline and bookings.

“ON24 digital experiences are core to our digital-first strategy and consistently some of our most successful marketing and sales channels,” said Sarah Reed, senior director of content and event marketing at Zendesk. “We’re expanding customer engagement globally and delivering compelling digital events that are resonating with audiences and driving revenue growth.”

As in-person interactions remained limited around the world, Zendesk needed a system of engagement that could reach customers in different languages. The company shifted to a digital-first approach using ON24 Webcast Elite, delivering interactive webinars at scale in more than 50 languages. Zendesk also uses ON24 Engagement Hub to provide audiences always-on access to content and resources, as well as on-demand webinars to extend the life of their virtual events.

With ON24, Zendesk is achieving significant business results. The company delivered nine events in six languages, reaching 13,000 prospects and customers to promote their CX Trends 2021 report about the top trends in customer experience. More than 50% of their registrants attended, contributing to a material increase to its sales pipeline during the quarter.