ON24 Launches RevNEXT Marketplace for B2B Marketers to Digitally Discover Technologies to Accelerate the Funnel

Marketers are increasingly responsible for not just generating leads, but driving true business impact. But, according to Deloitte, while 95% of marketers say revenue is the top growth metric defined by their organization, only 70% feel confident that they’re prepared to impact revenue.

That’s why ON24, a digital experience platform that enables businesses to turn engagement into revenue, created the RevNEXT Marketplace—a live, always-on virtual marketplace that curates the best technologies available to support marketing’s impact on revenue. In the absence of in-person trade shows and conferences, the RevNEXT Marketplace will educate marketers about strategies and technologies to support their organizations’ growth strategies. What’s more, marketers can access the RevNEXT Marketplace on the ON24 Platform any time, from anywhere, and engage over an entire year with the technology companies as they evolve their strategies.

“For a long time, marketers were measured by the volume of MQLs they handed to sales,” said Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing at ON24. “But now, we own the majority of the customer journey, and work hand in hand with sales as one revenue team. Just as our role has evolved, our technology stack must keep pace. That’s why we created the RevNEXT Marketplace: to connect like-minded revenue marketers with the technology ecosystem they need to own revenue.” […]