Owl Labs Launches Meeting HQ, All-In-One Meeting Room Solution for Simple, Frictionless Videoconferencing

Owl Labs, the first company to build 360-degree videoconferencing solutions, today announced the launch of the Meeting HQ, an in-room control center for video meetings. When paired with the Meeting Owl Pro, this new device sits in the center of the table and lets users launch meetings simply and effortlessly with a single tap, with no need to plug anything into an external computer. Designed by roboticists and built for rooms of all shapes and sizes, the Meeting HQ eliminates meeting setup time, letting employees focus solely on the conversation.

There are 89 million total meeting rooms globally, yet only 8% are wired for videoconferencing, even as the future of work is increasingly hybrid due to the pandemic. This number is forecasted to reach 30% by 2025, according to a recent Frost & Sullivan analysis. Owl Labs has had a hybrid workforce since long before the pandemic and its team knows how essential it is that meetings are inclusive of all participants, whether they’re in the office or joining virtually from afar. Now more than ever, companies need affordable and frictionless ways to outfit their spaces for collaboration.

Now, the Meeting HQ, Meeting Owl Pro, and an in-room monitor are the only pieces of equipment businesses need to fully outfit rooms for immersive hybrid meetings. The Meeting HQ integrates with a company’s calendar and room booking system, including Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365’s Outlook. IT teams can simply set the device up on the company’s calendar as a room resource, then any calendar invites including that room will be added automatically to the Meeting HQ calendar. When in-person attendees enter the conference room, they can just tap the meeting on Meeting HQ’s screen to begin and join their remote colleagues.