Owl Labs Launches Owl Bar, the First Front-of-Room Video Conferencing Device on the Market to Seamlessly Connect With a 360-Degree Camera and Audio Device

Owl Labs, the first company to build AI-powered, 360-degree video conferencing solutions, today announced the launch of the Owl Bar™ device, a front-of-room camera, microphone and speaker that pairs with the Meeting Owl® device and Whiteboard Owl™ camera to make hybrid meetings even more immersive. The Owl Bar is the first and only front-of-room camera on the market that works wirelessly with a 360-degree, center-of-the-room camera for a front and center video conferencing experience. The Owl Labs ecosystem uses its proprietary AI-powered software to automatically switch between cameras to capture the best view of in-room attendees, enabling more natural face-to-face conversations between in-person and remote participants.

The Owl Bar works as a standalone device or integrates with other award-winning Owl Labs products using proprietary multi-camera software to create a custom ecosystem that accurately frames the faces of in-room participants on-screen as they turn their heads, improving eye contact and preventing side views. The products are powered by Owl Intelligence System™ (OIS) software, which uses AI to intelligently auto-focus on in-room attendees as they speak and move. Owl Labs solutions work seamlessly together and scale to show the best view of all gathering spaces, from small huddle rooms to large boardrooms.

In a world where 98% of meetings have at least one remote participant but only 8% of the 89 million meeting rooms are wired for video conferencing, more than 150,000 organizations in 156 countries use Owl Labs technology, including 84 of the Fortune 100 companies. This launch comes on the heels of a Series C investment and strategic partnership with HP Tech Ventures, the venture capital arm of HP Inc., which was announced in November and brought Owl Labs’ total funding to $47 million.