PanTerra Merges UCaaS and CPaaS with Streams APIs, Extensions and AppDesigner Trio

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PanTerra Networks, a leading provider of unified cloud services for mid-market enterprises, today announced the expansion of Streams, as a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) with the new release of Streams APIs, Streams Extensions and Streams AppDesigner.

Businesses can now implement Streams as a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) or as a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). CPaaS interfaces includes Streams APIs, which allow programmatic access to Streams services and content. Streams API will initially launch with support for Click-to-Call, Call Detailed Records (CDR) retrieval, Call Recording (CR) retrieval and SMS texting (Send, Receive and Logs).

Phase 2 will consist of Administration and User Management. These new Streams APIs will enhance PanTerra’s existing out-of-the-box integration with popular SaaS CRM vendors such as Salesforce, Freshdesk, ZOHO and Zendesk; as well as other popular services such as Gmail, Dropbox, Active Directory, Outlook and Office 365.

Opening up the Streams platform for integration gives enterprises the capability to build meaningful cross-functional processes that are tightly integrated with all the elements of their business. With the new offerings, PanTerra merges the best of UCaaS and CPaaS to create the ultimate All-In-One Cloud Communications Service for Business.

Arthur Chang, PanTerra President and CEO, said, “With the combination of APIs, Integrations, Extensions, and AppDesigner, Streams is the ideal secure cloud IT solution to deliver both UCaaS and CPaaS in a single solution, capable of providing customized plug-and-play communications, collaborations and content sharing services for mid-market enterprises.”