Peerless Network Achieves Certification on Ribbon SBC Platform for Registered and Static SIP Trunks

Peerless Network, a leading-edge global communications provider since 2008, has completed SIP trunk interop certification testing with the Ribbon Edge SBC for both registered and static SIP trunks. With this addition of Ribbon, Peerless’ inventory of PBX vendors that connect seamlessly with Peerless’ SIP trunking solutions continues to expand.

A comprehensive guide with detailed configuration instructions is available to Peerless customers via the Peerless Portal. In addition to configuring trunks with the Ribbon Edge SBC, Peerless customers can manage all of their Peerless services via the portal in real-time.

“Providing the marketplace with this capability is a key part of Peerless’ ongoing commitment to supporting enterprise customers that have invested in Ribbon’s telecommunications systems. These customers can now experience our reliable and cost-effective solutions for their business,” said Rick Knight, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Peerless Network. “While Peerless has been providing SIP Trunking services since 2008, we are proud to continue to make the product more robust and the right choice for customers seeking true value in the communications solution.”