Peripherals: EPOS Launches New UC Headsets Certified for Microsoft Teams

Sennheiser, which has earned a reputation over four decades as being a high-quality but slightly more expensive maker of headphones and microphones, has partnered with a Danish firm, EPOS, to come out with a new very-high-end line of wired headsets dubbed–of all things–EPOS.

To show how specialized we’re all getting in this day and age, the new EPOS IMPACT headsets have all been certified for use with Microsoft Teams. Other headset companies, including Poly and Plantronics, also have had their products sanctioned by Microsoft for its Teams app, the international promotion of which hasn’t been seen by the Seattle-based IT giant since it launched Windows 95.

These EPOS IMPACT headsets, previously certified for Skype for Business, simply require a firmware upgrade to be certified for Teams. They’re already ergonomically designed for all-day use; with the increasing number of Zoom, Skype and Webex calls employees are doing on a daily basis because they’re working from home, comfort eventually becomes an important factor in peripherals like these. […]

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